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Faculty Data Project

The Faculty Data Project team supports three institutional systems:

  • dFac, the faculty appointments system in the Duke@Work portal, tracks faculty hires, promotions, leaves, tenure awards and named professorships. Managed primarily by the Provost’s office, dFac is used by dean’s offices in Duke schools and by faculty HR/APT functions. dFac provides foundational data to Scholars@Duke.
  • The Faculty Data Repository is a reporting database containing data from dFac and Scholars@Duke. It is used for institutional reporting purposes and provides faculty data to downstream systems.
  • Scholars@Duke provides web profiles for Duke faculty and research staff to enable students, patients, news media and other researchers to find detailed information about faculty members’ research, interests and accomplishments. Scholars@Duke ( is a public system for the local and global community.

The Faculty Data Project feeds information about faculty and their grants, publications, interests and activities to countless websites and systems across Duke. For more information about consuming faculty data, please see the Support page:

Faculty Data Project Staff