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Procedure For Inviting Duke Kunshan University Visitors To Duke University


Duke University will routinely host visitors who are associated with the Duke Kunshan University collaboration on the Duke campus in Durham, NC, USA, to support its joint academic and research goals. This procedure will support Duke departments that want to invite these visitors to campus and will help maximize the effectiveness of these visits, ensuring proper visa and immigration regulations are followed, and that travel and in-country support is coordinated and related expenses are monitored.


1. The procedure for inviting Duke Kunshan University visitors is coordinated through the Duke Kunshan University Support Unit in collaboration with the Duke host department and Duke Visa Services, as appropriate.

2. The procedure should be used regardless of the trip purpose, source of funds or length of visit.

3. To initiate the invitation process for inbound visitors from Duke Kunshan to Duke, submit the Duke Kunshan University Visitor Form to the Duke Kunshan University Support Unit at Duke Kunshan University Support Unit will issue the invitation for visa purposes, if needed.

4. The traveler will be responsible for purchasing the airfare. Flight itineraries should be shared with the Duke Kunshan University Support Unit and the Duke host department once finalized.

5. The Duke host department may provide other logistical support for lodging, ground transportation and office resources (e.g., a temporary Duke ID, telephone line, office space, parking pass and staff support, if needed).

6. U.S. immigration laws permit short-term international visitors to travel to the US “to promote academic, cultural, and scientific exchange, conduct business, present lectures, attend conferences, seminars and other business meetings.” The nationality of the visitor, the purpose of their visit and the duration of the stay determines the type of visa that will be issued. Reference:

7. If a U.S. visa is required:

  • Short-term visit (less than 10-days) – Initiate the process at least two (2) months before the scheduled trip.
  • Long-term visit (10 days or more) or research collaboration – Initiate the process at least three (3) months before the scheduled trip. For individuals whose work is in certain science and technology fields, the Chinese and U.S. government perform thorough background checks prior to issuing a visas. This review can take several months and may require additional documentation as to the activity the individual will be involved in while at Duke.